A full thickness wood faced material that can be easily formed first and laminated last.

Timberflex is ideal for custom fabrication because it is the first and only high-quality 3/4" bendable panel that has a three-ply Italian poplar face ready to paint or laminate without the need for patching or sanding.

Timberflex panels can bend to a 5" radius and are perfectly flat without dips, valleys, and hard spots that are often found in bendable plywood.

Timberflex is dimensionally sized to have the same thickness throughout to assure excellent seam hiding characteristics.

Timberflex performs extremely well in traditional custom fabrication by forming the panel to the desired shape and then painting or laminating with the desired face material. This simple method allows Timberflex to conform to your custom shape by the use of horizontal shaping ribs. It was designed so that even a beginner can easily make curved components.

Timberflex is produced from engineered wood products and will provide a dimensionally stable panel that is consistent in performance and uniformity. It provides the fabricator with the knowledge of knowing how the product will perform time after time.

Photo Courtesy of: M. Bolhke Veneer

Timberflex provides a higher quality end product and offers a multitude of advantages over conventional bending methods including less labor, no veneer checking or telegraphing, elimination of sanding, patching and laying up multiple layers of plywood. Additional benefits include never "springing back" and always "hanging true."

Any contact cement recommended for use with decorative laminates or veneer should be acceptable. Use of PVA glue is also acceptable for attaching face material provided it can be used after the Timberflex has been formed and adequate pressure applied. The Timberflex can be formed and held in position with the use of most any adhesives and staples when necessary. The use of horizontal ribs for attachment is preferred.

When applying a face material to Timberflex with contact adhesive, light to moderate pressure is adequate. Firm hand pressure or moderate pressure with a J-roller works well. When using a PVA glue, make sure the glue is transferred to both materials and that adequate uniform pressure can be applied for the required amount of time.

Timberflex is available in 4'x8' and 8'x4' panel sizes and comes in 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" thicknesses.


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IWF 2018

Aug 22, 2018 - Aug 25, 2018

International Woodworking Fair (IWF)

Georgia World Congress Center
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Atlanta, GA 30313

“We saved about four days worth of labor on a recent project by using TimberFlex (Over a 70% reduction). Not only did we produce a cleaner product, but we were able to move on to the next project ahead of schedule.

We used to kerf our own boards, something that takes time and requires very little skill. Interior Products allowed us to remove this step and focus our skills where they are really needed.

The Interior Product's line is great because it turns a tight radius and is quick and easy to use.

Less material, less thinking time, less labor = less overall cost.

Before, we would take small slats (wide ripped out of a 1 x), faces touching, backs out, build a form around it, then fill the gaps with Bondo, sand and smooth out. Now, we simply cut ribs to specified shape and apply the TimberFlex. It doesn't get much easier.

Labor is always one of our biggest concerns. We don't mind paying a little more up front, if the result is an overall reduction of labor in the end. The use of TimberFlex eliminates the trial and error that we previously experienced with old methods.”
Michael Phillips, Mid-American Precast Inc.