Kerfkore Company is your primary source for environmentally friendly bendable substrates and lightweight structural composite panels. We can help you create that radius project quickly and economically, provide environmentally friendly products, and help reduce weight for those special applications. Our products are used to create: architectural panels, shelving, partitions, ceiling panels, columns, wall systems, signage, displays, theatre props, swing doors, elevators, kiosks, movable food carts, table tops, furniture, cabinets, motor homes, boats, and much more.

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Kerfkore enables you to laminate first with HPL metal, veneer and other semi rigid materials and then bend into the desired shape down to 3" in radius.


Timberflex is a superior quality product with an Italian poplar face ready to be formed first into desired shapes down to 5in radius then laminated traditionally.


Flexboard has a uniform and stable overlay that allows for traditional face application after forming. It is suitable for veneer lamination prior to bending.


econoKORE is a low cost alternative for radius projects. Its two ply construction provides a uniform durable product with thickness options of 1/4in and 3/8in.


Balsakore is a lightweight core material made from the balsa tree. The wood is low in density but high in strength to provide a very strong, lightweight cellulose based core material.

Foamkore Other

Oversized Foamkore Panels, Painted Foamkore, Internal Perimeter Band, and Paper Faced.


Kerfkore-Green is an environmentally friendly product constructed with a NAF core that is certified to be 100% recovered and recycled.


FlexGreen is an environmentally friendly bendable product that offers design flexibility plus the beneficial traits of using desirable NAF materials.


Foamkore constructed with the Eucalyptus fiber face and back produces a desirable NAF product made from reclaimed and recycled materials.

Kerfed Foamkore-Green

Kerfed Foamkore-Green is a bendable lightweight composite panel constructed with the Eucalyptus fiber face and back produces a desirable NAF product.


Beadboard is a stable MDF panel available plain or with different high quality face veneers suitable for wall treatment and furniture usage.

Stair Risers

The beginning step Stair Riser is available in an economical paint grade and a variety of veneers including red oak, maple, and pine.


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“The Kerfkore product line allows our team to focus on what they are really good at doing, rather than dedicating an excessive amount of wasted time on unskilled administrative tasks such as sanding, filling flat areas with Bondo and unnecessary framework. This allows us to offer a better price to our customers.

Provides stronger, better and more reliable results compared to our old approach where we used layers of 3/8" bendable plywood.

I knew that their product line would make a positive difference as soon as the manufacturer representative walked through our door.

Currently, there is not a single section on our production floor that doesn't contain one of the IPI products.”
Walton Scott, Quality Cabinet & Fixture Company (San Diego, CA)