Innovative bendable substrate designed to be laminated flat and then cold-formed into virtually any curve.

Kerfkore is a superior choice for doing fast, accurate and quality radius projects. It provides the ability to create smooth and symmetrical inside and outside radii down to 3 1/2". Virtually any curve desired can be produced with this product.

Kerfkore saves time and improves quality by first laminating flat and machining flat prior to bending. It is dimensionally stable and holds its shape when formed with a series of horizontal ribs. It can also be formed rigid by laminating a back material to the part while held in the desired shape. An excellent method for this type of lamination is the use of a vacuum press.

Kerfkore is a patented process that consists of a kerfed core material joined with a very flexible latex impregnated paper face. This allows for the flat lamination of high pressure laminates, 2-ply veneers, metals and others semi-rigid face products and then formed into the necessary shapes without any telegraphing, stress cracks or delamination. Kerfkore is ideal for production environments where repetitive products are manufactured. The requirement to produce identical parts in size and performance provides the use of labor saving methods to achieve a high quality predictable end results. Its versatility also allows for those very custom one of a kind applications where artistic results are desired.

Kerfkore is standard with a high quality particleboard core. Core options are available and include fiberboard, luan plywood, poplar plywood, FR core and others.

The ability to laminate Kerfkore flat provides ease of face positioning, uniform lamination pressure, labor savings and improved quality. Kerfkore can easily be spliced in length or width to achieve unique sizes. The 4 x 8 size can be cut into two 4 x 4 panels and by placing them side by side an 8 x 4 can be achieved upon lamination of the face material. Excess material can be used on other projects that will increase material yield virtually eliminating scrap and providing additional savings.

Kerfkore is designed to work with contact adhesive when attaching your face materials. Firm hand pressure or medium pressure with a J-roller works well. It can also be laminated with PVA adhesive in a cold press but only 30 psi is recommended for this process. Hot press lamination is not recommended. Due to the many different adhesives on the market it is recommended that a small sample be tested to ensure proper performance.

Kerfkore is available as an FSC® certified product.

Kerfkore is available in additional thicknesses other than standard 3/4". Thicknesses of 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" are all available with particleboard core. Other core materials may also be obtained in some of these thicknesses.

Kerfkore is also available in a Two-Sided version. This product has a phenolic impregnated backing sheet to help keep the material stiff during processing. Once the paper between the kerfs is removed the product will perform as standard product. This product is identified with KK prefix.


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“The Kerfkore product line allows our team to focus on what they are really good at doing, rather than dedicating an excessive amount of wasted time on unskilled administrative tasks such as sanding, filling flat areas with Bondo and unnecessary framework. This allows us to offer a better price to our customers.

Provides stronger, better and more reliable results compared to our old approach where we used layers of 3/8" bendable plywood.

I knew that their product line would make a positive difference as soon as the manufacturer representative walked through our door.

Currently, there is not a single section on our production floor that doesn't contain one of the IPI products.”
Walton Scott, Quality Cabinet & Fixture Company (San Diego, CA)