Company History

Interior Products was incorporated in Brunswick, Georgia during the spring of 1984 for the purpose of manufacturing and marketing interior residential and commercial wall products. The original manufacturing facility was 14,000 square feet. Production began in February 1985 with J. Edward Peede at the helm as its President and CEO. The initial work force consisted of seven employees including administration, production, and marketing personnel.

The primary product was Tambour, a flexible interior surface material, manufactured as a private label product for national distribution firms including Armstrong World Industries, Formica Corporation, and Ralph Wilson Plastics. In 1986, the company created its own line of tambour products, "Visions," and established a national network of distribution. Since Tambour's secondary use is for roll top desks, Interior Products began to target major furniture accounts, especially the ready-to-assemble manufacturers like Sauder Furniture, O'Sullivan Industries, and Bush Industries.

During 1989, the company realized that production capacity, marketing efforts, and company growth was limited at the original facility. A new facility with 40,000 square feet of combined office and production space was designed and constructed on 6 acres of property. With recent additions, the facility is now approximately 50,000 square feet.

This additional space allowed for the introduction of a custom component fabrication. Products for the residential furniture, store fixture and display industries were produced per customer specifications. It was during this period that the need for a better and more dependable bendable wood product was required. The old method of kerfing a panel was slow and unpredictable and the imported bendable plywood products were very unstable and not uniform. The Kerfkore product was developed during this time by taking the invention of a cabinetmaker and refining the process to develop a product that could be manufactured and then subsequently patented.

A joint venture was formed in 1996 utilizing the company's equipment and expertise to manufacture architectural ceilings of solid wood and curved veneered panels. Sales and marketing of these products were handled through our partner, but the entire production, assembly, finishing and shipping processes were completed in the Interior Products' facility. Shipments of ceiling products, primarily to commercial and government projects, went to all parts of the United States and to worldwide customers.

As a result of extraordinary production demand or our patented products in 2000 we embarked on a new endeavor by focusing solely on manufacturing board products and cut-to-size or prelaminated flexible panels. The company at that time stopped manufacturing formed components, wood ceilings and other custom products to focus solely on the Kerfkore product line. The company quickly became recognized as an innovator in helping solve problems for our customers.

In 2005, the company's name was changed to The Kerfkore Company to better focus on our kerfed products for which we were becoming well known. With this new focus plus dedicated resources in manufacturing and marketing we have become a full line supplier of panel products. Our primary line of bendable products include: Kerfkore, Timberflex, Flexboard, econoKORE and Foamkore. In addition, we have just launched an environment friendly line of products including Kerfkore Green, FlexGreen, Foamokore-Green and kerfed Foamkore Green. These are revolutionary bendable substrates that replace conventional bending plywood in the fabrication of curved or radius surfaces. Our products are marketed nationally in sheet form through a distribution channel.

In September 2008, we lost our founder and CEO Ed Peede after a long bout with cancer. It was Ed's vision that led the Kerfkore Company, with its attention to quality, service, cost; and our multi-product and multi-market flexibility to become a leader in the industry. The current company structure was put in place under Ed's guidance so that we will continue to grow and prosper. With the same ideals that founded our company, we plan to create new products and services that can assist both our business and our distributor's business to grow for years to come.

“We saved about four days worth of labor on a recent project by using TimberFlex (Over a 70% reduction). Not only did we produce a cleaner product, but we were able to move on to the next project ahead of schedule.

We used to kerf our own boards, something that takes time and requires very little skill. Interior Products allowed us to remove this step and focus our skills where they are really needed.

The Interior Product's line is great because it turns a tight radius and is quick and easy to use.

Less material, less thinking time, less labor = less overall cost.

Before, we would take small slats (wide ripped out of a 1 x), faces touching, backs out, build a form around it, then fill the gaps with Bondo, sand and smooth out. Now, we simply cut ribs to specified shape and apply the TimberFlex. It doesn't get much easier.

Labor is always one of our biggest concerns. We don't mind paying a little more up front, if the result is an overall reduction of labor in the end. The use of TimberFlex eliminates the trial and error that we previously experienced with old methods.”
Michael Phillips, Mid-American Precast Inc.

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