Stair Risers

Another product brought to you by Kerfkore Company.

Stair Risers are constructed with a hardboard face suitable for painting applications. It is also available with different veneer face options. The riser is designed for use on starting step applications where a bull nosed end is desired to provide a platform to mount the tread and banister railing.

Stair Risers are available in an 8" height with bendable end/ends to form the needed radius. The height can be reduced by edging on a table saw to a smaller width if needed. The product is shipped flat and by the use of a shaping rib can be bent and shaped into the desired form.

Stair Risers are designed to form a maximum diameter of 13" or it can be bent down to an 8" diameter if needed. This diameter is determined by the size of the bull nose needed for the particular application. The standard riser comes in an 8" wide (step height) so that it can be ripped down to match the needed step height.

Stair Risers are formed into the desired contour by the use of a curved forming rib. This rib should be machined to the correct shape and the riser then applied to this rib. Sometimes the use of a dado or rabbet is used to locate this rib for attachment. The rib should be glued, clamped and possibly pin nailed into place until dry.

Stair Risers are available in an economical paint grade and a variety of veneers including red oak, maple, pine and other specified veneers. Stair Risers are available in single or double nosed with different length options. A variety of substrates can be used as the core product such as plywood, particleboard and MDF.

The Stair Riser will consist of a rigid center section joined to the bendable Kerfkore on one or both ends. This allows for the riser to be shipped flat and then formed into the desired end radius by the use of a shaping rib. The product can create a diameter from 8" up to 13" without any telegraphing as found with other conventional bull nosed methods. Core materials of particleboard and plywood are available. Custom sizes made to customer specifications are available for reasonable quantities.


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“We saved about four days worth of labor on a recent project by using TimberFlex (Over a 70% reduction). Not only did we produce a cleaner product, but we were able to move on to the next project ahead of schedule.

We used to kerf our own boards, something that takes time and requires very little skill. Interior Products allowed us to remove this step and focus our skills where they are really needed.

The Interior Product's line is great because it turns a tight radius and is quick and easy to use.

Less material, less thinking time, less labor = less overall cost.

Before, we would take small slats (wide ripped out of a 1 x), faces touching, backs out, build a form around it, then fill the gaps with Bondo, sand and smooth out. Now, we simply cut ribs to specified shape and apply the TimberFlex. It doesn't get much easier.

Labor is always one of our biggest concerns. We don't mind paying a little more up front, if the result is an overall reduction of labor in the end. The use of TimberFlex eliminates the trial and error that we previously experienced with old methods.”
Michael Phillips, Mid-American Precast Inc.